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Match Attax UEFA EURO 2024 – Official Trading Cards Dive into the excitement of the 2024 Football Euros with the official EURO 2024 Match Attax Trading Cards. Each pack is a gateway to reliving the most electrifying moments of the tournament. Star-Filled Lineup: Discover an array of cards featuring your favourite football heroes. From rising stars to legendary players, these cards capture the essence of skill, strategy, and sportsmanship that define the Euros. Rare Finds & Special Editions: Keep an eye out for rare, limited edition cards that include signatures, player-worn jersey swatches, and exclusive artwork. These special inserts are randomly included in packs, offering an exciting chance to elevate your collection, such as our NEW Limited Edition Cards: Ultimate Stage LE Cards, Classic Celebration – Euro Series LE Cards, Centurion Relic Cards and the Ultra Rare CMYK Printing Plate Card. The Starter pack is the ultimate start for any collection as it includes the Game Guide and player checklist. •Binder •2 x 8 card packets (16 cards) •1 x 8 card Exclusive packet, including 3 Exclusive Limited Edition cards, 4 Tactic cards & 1 App Rewards card •1 x Magazine, including checklist •1 x Game Mat
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